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Create Your Own birthday or playdate that fits your budget and is packed full of fun. Or even hire Sprout on the Go for your special event.

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games gem find.jpg
Games fishing pond.jpg

Games on the Go: 

Turtle Bay-fishing

Sandy Crabby-gem/booty dig

Lady Bug - Pit Balls

Stumpy Blocks -castle build

Bubble Garden

Gnome/Pirate Plank Hole

Bug/Pirates Throw

Knight Sword School

fairy tale tea.jpg


Sprout on the Go with 4 games, 1 Character and set, is $249 for 2 hours 

Themes are Fairy Tale with Page the Book Fairy, and Pirates of the Erie Canal with Grace O'Malley the Pirate Queen, and Eerie Haunts with Sage the White Witch. Additional mileage charge outside of Lockport


Hands on Craft kits are available for up to 2 craft stations. Tea Party settings up to 18 are also available.

Additional characters are $30 per hour

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