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Vendor Applications

Thank you for your interest in supporting our community events.  We look forward to making this a successful weekend for you. The deadline for returning your application is four weeks prior to the event. Following the deadline the we will review all applications and fill the available spaces and you will receive a number for your space at entry.


Vendor Qualifications: Vendors must submit all paperwork and fees no less than 2 weeks prior to date and meet all criteria.


Criteria: Maintain high quality of standards to meet health codes, retail sales laws and codes of conduct        

Sign a Hold Harmless Agreement, provide a copy of a certificate of insurance listing Kathy O’Keefe Holdings, LLC as additional insured, upon entry to event before setting up.

Food vendor-must be a restaurant or catering/vending service whose primary commercial function is to serve food on a retail basis, must provide a copy of Niagara County health dept. permit. 

Brewing vendor-must be represented by a licensed and insured retailer of beer, must provide a copy of license and applicable brand label registration certificates.

Retail vendor-must be responsible for all sales tax reporting, any product sold must meet all safety regulations required for the state of New York.  Vendor must provide a copy of Certificate of Authority with tax identification number.


Code of Conduct:

                There will be absolutely no tolerance of public intoxication

                Our events are family events so please be respectful of other competitors, vendors, judges, and volunteers


Site Information:

There is absolutely no parking at your vending sites and equipment must fit in your paid for space.

Set up must be complete 30 mins to show. Remote parking is available cross the street or at the Credit Union. 

Water and electric is not available unless arrangements are made prior and all trash must leave with you.

You are responsible for all tenting, tables and signage.  Windsor Village is not responsible for your property.

Restrooms are available inside; Non Alcoholic Beverage sales are exclusive to Windsor Village.                                                                                                                                                      


Lock City West End Hooley - Shanty Town Farmers and Artisan Market
March 23th, 2024 11 to 5pm - $50 for 10x10 plus raffle item or basket


Locktoberfest Pack Mule Sale September 28st, 2024 10-5pm $50 10x10 space Trunks, Tents how ever you roll.


Please submit the registration below Contact Kathy for further info: 716-622-8329                 

Welcome to Our Event

Choose event please check all that apply ENTRY FEE IS $25 PER EVENT

Thanks for submitting!

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