Crossborder Tourism & Recreation Alliance- is our 501c3 Charity which was established to bridge public and private partnerships incorporating children and family activities into community events. It encompasses Sprout 1825 Hands on Play, COMPASS and #stopthinkcall.


COMPASS - Children Overcoming Mental, Physical And Social Struggles

COMPASS was an idea we had after our own family struggles with mental illness, physical addiction and the social stigma they bring on to the family as a whole. COMPASS reaches out to families to try to engage them in activities that will inspire them and empower them to change the direction of their lives by accepting that we can overcome our challenges by making better choices.  Its an open forum for families to discuss all issues that relate to keeping them from living their best life now.


Our goal is to work with programs that provide structure, responsibility and accountability to maintain the family structure through the necessary changes to bring wholeness to each child's life. To get beyond social labeling and handouts to higher expectations and hand ups.  To teach with acts of compassion, understanding and acceptance but not accept limited standards. You are not a label you are my sister, my brother, my neighbor, my community, we are all one in the struggle and we refuse to accept less.

How will we achieve our goal by being connected to organizations that strive for family growth and wellness and offering an opportunity for young parents to both teach and learn through hands on play and interaction with their child. To inspire both parent and child be engaged and think outside the box, to To model relationships with mentors that can foster discipline, accountability and responsibility.



One way we have implemented our goals is through #stopthinkcall911 born out

of the loss of a young man in the Stevens St fire which impacted the whole

community. #stopthinkcall911 works to bridge the gap between young people and

first responders. Our first outreach we partnered with the City 4th of July

celebration and had first responders playing disc golf and handing out freeze

pops to families. Windsor Village's corporate giving project is built into, not just

our business plan, but how we do business. A portion of the proceeds from all

events goes to help support our COMPASS programming. We believe that every

child can achieve their dreams with seeds of hope.


Mark 4: The Parables of the sown seed:  A sower went out to sow and as he sowed, some seed fell along the path and the birds ate them, others fell on rocks and sprouted quick but with shallow roots they were burnt out by the sun, others fell among the thorns and were choked out by the weeds and yet others fell into good soil and produced grain, growing up and increasing many times.  We will scatter the seed and watch it sprout as we know not how but with all faith believe the harvest will come. So let the smallest of seed be sown and enriched to grow to be the largest of garden plants with its branches reaching far and wide.




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