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Rental & Purveyor Opportunites


Welcome to our entrepeneur support!  We keep our startup rental shops at between 300 and 600 square feet to keep our upstart overhead at an minimum but allow enough space to be profitable. Windsor is located just off of the Erie Canal walkway and  a block from both Rte 31 and 78. Conveniently next to Cornerstone Credit Union and its membership traffic. The City of Lockport hosts 65,000 tourist with its Erie Canal Cruisies, The Flight of Five, Lockport Caves and Erie Canal Discovery Center and opening this year and drawing and additional 125,000 hockey fans to the Cornerstone Ice Rink.  Lockport is on the brink of revitalization with support of microenterprise programs through both the GLDC and NCIDA.

Windsor Village is comprised of 3 original buildings, The Duquette Building houses 2 main shops 

Shop 1- 800 sq ft. & Shop 2 - 600 sq ft. - RENTED- Craft Shop, Artisan Market & Sprout Toys 2 Play


The Historic Carpenter Stone Building has 3 shops 3A, 3B, & 4, shops include all utilities to get you up and running quickly. Heat, electric, water, CAM, WiFi, website online market, centralized register for those who can't run their shop daily or for slow times and emergencies, (for I-pad register and Square processing users). Windsor Village has private off-street parking for 28 and is across from a city parking area for overflow. All these amenities are yours for $1.75 per sq. ft. for 2022 (increasing to $2 per sq ft 2023) for retail only, no additional appliances and $3.00 for food service depending on electric demand. Shop 3 is divided to provide an opportunity to go from display rental to booth rental and the next level of growing your business.  First and last month's rent down and a 1-year lease to get you started. All renters contribute 10% of monthly sales towards cooperative advertising and processing.


Shop-3A and 3B - 600 sq ft. - Vendor Co-op Market with retail only rental available: 

Small booth #1 93 Sq Ft for $162

Small booth #2 96 Sq Ft for $168

Large booth #3 132 Sq FT for $231

Large booth #4 144 sq ft for $252

Full shop combining #1 & #3 or #2 & #4 for $415 a month all inclusive. Flexible check out option available when you can't be in to run your space. 

If you are interested in running your own antique/vintage/thrift shop the stone building may be combined and you can handle all current rents or use the space as you like. its 465 sq ft in total at the discount rental rate of $800 for the first year. 


Shop-4 300 sq. ft.- RENTED rental available at $525 (water availability at additional cost)


Shop-5 500 sq. ft. - cafe rental available at $1500 @ $3.00 a sq ft. with private bathroom, 3 bay sink, refrigerator, gas stove, kitchen and dining area for up to 4-4 tops and 2 - 2 tops, private small party space. Includes Electric, gas, water, wifi and 2 garbage totes. 


There will be additional Shanty space built to suit on the property, with a 3-year lease, as we grow. 


Small purveyors are welcome in our Artisan Market and may rent a display section for a monthly fee as low as $30 plus 10% for handling and processing fees. Each purveyor is guaranteed exclusivity.




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