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Cultivating a New Business Climate

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Welcome to a small businesswoman's take on Western New York living, the naked truth about the political and economic struggles of reinventing a blue collar region. A region once rich in manufacturing finding itself getting back to its roots and redefining its future. From every City corner Buffalo to Niagara Falls to Lockport to North Tonawanda Western New Yorkers stand on the brink. Getting beyond good old boy politics, old ideas and visions is the challenge in making positive change. The biggest way to tread the waters of change is to start by learning from the past but not living in it, what was is not what is and what is does not have to be what will be. Looking to the natural resources of agriculture, art, waterfront, and our educational resources for answers, vision and focus. Stopping the Merry Go Round of excuses and negativity that keeps us spinning around and going nowhere. Join the conversation, share your ideas, and connect with the resources to move forward with more with Kate by being part of her Honey Hive, worker bees with a shared passion.

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