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Repurpose by Re-envisioning your Path

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hey Honey Hive, I am excited to be able to share my journey of continuing growth by expanding on my blog with our new podcast- A Repurposed Life. So now you can tune in on your time and get more strategies for business and life. In this segment we explore the use of vision boards for our personal and professional growth.

When we reinvent our lives it is helpful to map out what is important to who we are, where we want to be and just what that may look like. So a vision board is a great way to get some clarity. When you look around your home or office what are those books, magazines and doodles you have stashed in drawers. Well its time to pull them out and your favorite journal and look at the common threads of struggles and goals.

I usually use a foam board for vision boards when teaching teens how to envision their future but this time I did a class for women and I decided to make a permanent yet flexible vision board, making a chalkboard out of cabinet door and including things I know will never change about what brings me comfort. You can see it in the photo I included and you can find out more about the process at my podcast. Now that we have launched our Youtube channel we will be doing a class on it as well. Start your year off with clarity.

Bee Brave, Bee Bold, Bee Blessed. Kate-#RepurposeHer #beelieve

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