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We Plan, God Laughs

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hey Honey Hive, So what started as a small bookstore and cafe, morphed into a toy store and play center, which is now what I embrace as God's purpose for my struggles, failures and frustrations an Artisan Market. To know that we are developing our own products and supporting products that educate and grow not just healthy children but families, is far beyond my dreams or vision.

We are giving people a place to try to cultivate their crafts while creating community in sharing those skills. When I walk through Windsor I am confident that God's plan was plan A all the time and I am assured that He is just opening the gates and He has prepared me for this time and this season to reach people with the knowledge that has always been here from the beginning of creation in every seed, plant and tree.

We can find health, and wellness in our surroundings while being stewards of our planet through repurposing as much as we can to keep God's goodness fruitful. I am so excited at the new and old lines that are coming into the shop this Christmas Season and I wait in expectation of God's promise of a great season.

Bee Brave, Bee Bold, Bee Blessed. Kate-#RepurposeHer #beelieve

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