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Early Adopters of the Erie Canal

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Hey Honey Hive, The transition from a children's toy store to an engaging destination for children of all ages has been a long journey in the sense of business development. I am excited for our section of the Erie Canal Trail that opens us up to more visitors by leading them right to Windsor Village and GrassRoots Mercantile

! In my goal to get back to my roots, I have opened GrassRoots Mercantile to specialize in Mom and Pop products from local farms to your next door neighbor. This movement has opened my eyes and my heart to many of the conditions we now raise our children in from food sources and raw material resources to the re-education of consumers to buy local and support local. Organic means more than just food sitting on a shelve it is how we grow as a nation into a more sustainable community of health and productive people. My goal in picking up my blog again is to pass on the information I have gathered to help plant the seeds of how we can help our friends, family and neighbors to make choices that will grow a health environment and economy for our future. Please join me on this quest! Live Local! We dig your dreams, Bee Brave, Bee Bold and Bee Blessed. Kate.

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