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Living Local Cultivates Local Relationships

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Hey Honey Hive, this has been a week. When you have been active within your community for a long time you make connections that even when you move on sometimes pull you back. Kind of like an old relationship that never ends. Here we go again. But in this instance it was important to go back and give support to a community that is more like family, you have the happy go lucky, the nasty Nellie, the despondent dweller and the hopeful helper and at any given time they can each be amazing or hell razing. It has been my desire to figure out how to focus on each persons gifts and on loving them for that and making them use it to move outside their comfort zone. It is the same thing with small business entrepreneurs they all have strengths and weaknesses that can make or break their business or product.

When you shop local you become part of a family. Local shop owners usually get to know you and your family through your purchases, they become your resource for new products that would be helpful to you. If they are good at promoting their product you are invited to special promotions and events that help you meet others with the same likes and interest. Your local shop owner becomes a cornerstone to keeping families active in their community through sponsorship or organization of special needs projects or events. When you shop at a big box store how often do you see managers let alone owners active in your community? If you want a strong community take the time and get back to your Mom & Pop shop and be apart of your neighborhood.

Live local and dig your roots.

Thanks for taking the time to Chat with Kat!

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