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When your passion and your niche come together.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hey Honey Hive, So I have been so busy repurposing furniture and developing a whole new part of our expanding business. That new niche is fermentation of foods and teas and the development of herbal tinctures. As I follow the struggles of so many with the pharmaceutical industry and watch as more children are being diagnosed with labels that would require more profit driven meds and our elderly who have been on many meds for a long time, I found it compelling to believe that a God that could create a universe who not have provided a natural cure or better path of wellness within His creation. Having at least a foundation of medical background with my associates degree in medical assisting, I started to research other options and that has started me on a new journey that at this point in my life I thought I new ideas and philosophies were behind me and yet God called. He reignited my passion with a new flame of hope through old ways that have been lost or black labeled by an industry that would poison the minds of people for profit. I have so many new things to share with you but the most important in this time is to not lose hope in your business even though many fall it is a pruning away for new growth.

Bee Brave, Bee Bold, Bee Blessed. Kate-#RepurposeHer #beelieve

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