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A Repurposed Life

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hey Honey Hive, So I am finding purpose in this project of Windsor Village, finally. It has been a journey of struggle and frustration but I am at peace where God is taking us. The great thing is that I no longer feel thrown by the endless closings of even big box stores and understanding that even though people shop online they still need Mom and Pops to be their pop in stop. I have come full circle with what I hope is a balanced inventory going into this Christmas Season by actually bringing back some of our toy lines. I am still developing my new product lines including CBD oil and medicinal herbal tinctures as well as moving forward with our full Create n Take Cafe that offers small batch kombucha, blended oils and vinegar, and more homesteady classes. Hopefully by next tourism season we will be in full swing. I have found my purpose in building something out of nothing and the joy of sharing my knowledge and talent on my new Podcast A Repurposed Life! You can catch it on Anchor.

Bee Brave, Bee Bold, Bee Blessed. Kate-#RepurposeHer #beelieve

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