Living in the Land of Nod

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Hey Honey Hive, Western New York has lived for so long outside the gates of the Big Apple, ignored and forgotten unless some politician needs a few votes, that it began to believe that it was unworthy of redemption. Blinded by the temptation of the Apple it slowly became bitter to the natural gifts that surround it. Decades of neglect due to greedy speculation that one day someone will come in and buy all the run down shadows of once thriving businesses for more than they are worth, as changed the heart of neighborhoods. A song comes to mind, I sold my soul to the company store, in away that is what happened, once enterprising business men turned in their keys for manufacturing and government jobs. Putting their futures in the hands of corporate America while enlarging the overhead of each community with bigger government and life was good. As evolution continued and greed grew unions formed to fight worker rights, which created a labor dept, then caring the unemployed or unemployable brought the addition to welfare, so women left the homes for second incomes as taxes rose to meet the overhead. As the calm before the storm began to roll over the beauty of many thriving Cities, once dotted with Mom and Pops shops and pubs the smokes stacks were already being put out by government regulation. For decades some of the same people sat in office as one by one each door closed, clinging to a few manufactures whose constant threats of layoffs and leaving for higher ground became like a never ending divorce with one party being taken to the cleaners. That party the tax payer. Being a child of a Dad who went to work for over 30 years for t