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Technologically Challenged! UGH

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

It is a continual struggle to stay up on the fast pace of changing technology, but as a small business owner you must be willing to embrace every new outlet to get your name or product out to new customers. It isn't always easy and it seems like a waste of time when you are frustrated with trying to figure it out and your 13 year old Grandson walks in and fixes or figures it out in 10 mins, which is what often happens to me, but you must press on.

It reminds me of my Edible Garden at Windsor, you plant your seeds and water them, all the while preparing your soil, then it is time to put them in the ground, and then it seems like endless watering and weeding with no results. Then it happens you walk out to fresh beans, kale and the start of tomatoes and you think, Thank you Lord because I was about done with watering and weeding with no results. I think using technology and media for marketing is a very similar feeling you keep working away putting the message out there with little results, then it starts to sprout, then it grows and reaches out for more exposure. Very often small businesses are not in the position to spend a lot of money on the marketing they need to be competitive so they have to be resourceful and stay on top and in the middle of every opportunity for exposure.

Tips that I have found over the years that are good investments are opportunities for cooperative advertising, creating multiple events to bring people no matter how few to your door, and goodwill marketing. Develop a character that becomes your business, a shop dog or cat, a whimsical outfit that sets you apart from the big box look, and as in my case become a character that people look forward to seeing. I have been the Book Fairy for over 15 years in our community and I love every minute of it and incorporating things like a Fairy lending library and reading area on my property is a signature part of my business of hands on play and learning. So you as a shopper get that added value of knowing that someone in your neighborhood is there for your child as they grow.

The last, goodwill marketing, must be done in away that drives people back to your shop so unless you can say; hey after your event or ball game come see me and get this, you are going to see very little return on that money spent. If you are in a position that you can donate those dollars without a return on investment then that is awesome, but if you are a start up or still not getting a paycheck goodwill marketing has to be limited to a solid traceable return. So if you are a supporter of the GrassRoots movement that will rebuild our Country make sure when you attend events and you see a Mom & Pop shop involved you take the time to stop in and give them support the more they know where you heard of them the better they can be developing a marketing plan.

Live local and dig your own roots.

Thanks for the Chat, Kat.

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