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The Business of Branding

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Hey Honey Hive, So I have been going crazy, organizing all my social media so that my day is not lost staring into screen and how do I do that by staring into a screen. Transitioning my business into something that can grow in climate of online big guys has been an on going piece of work. Waiting and praying that God leads me to a path that can build my investment as well as the community He has called me to be in is unnerving at times but then those little seeds of hope come forth and another puzzle piece come into the picture and I can breathe again. That is the retail business in this day and age, ever evolving and walking a fine line of should I stay or should I go now!

So often I see small businesses come and go because of half of a plan, meaning they are single focused on what they want to do or what they like and in reality the market tells you what they want and you either meet that need or you are lost. I think the biggest challenge today is that branding is so much more than a logo or a slogan, you the owner have got to become your brand. Meaning that people often need more than a product to make the trip to support you. So now you are selling a lifestyle or connection to a group of people who will follow you on your journey. So what is the brand named you? What does she look like, what makes motivates her to take action, and what does that action look like to others? Now what products can I build off of that to do add on sales? Up sell, up sell, there is no one product, but as the stem of a plant grows and branches out with new buds so should the line of a brand named you.

Bee Brave, Bee Bold, Bee Blessed. Kate-#RepurposeHer

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